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Dutch Mold Maker Coming to America

Article-Dutch Mold Maker Coming to America

Image: IGS GeboJagema IGS logo
IGS GeboJagema will open a subsidiary in Washington, DC, to provide faster, more convenient support to its North American medical device customers.

Dutch mold maker IGS GeboJagema serving medical device OEMs has announced that it will establish a US subsidiary in Washington, DC. The company will formally launch IGS GeboJagema USA at Advanced Manufacturing East, which includes co-located events Plastec East and Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) in New York on Dec. 6 and 7, 2021.

IGS GeboJagema designs, manufactures, and validates high-precision molds for applications such as contact lenses, asthma inhalers, insulin pens, and diagnostic devices. The company has assembled a team of engineers with expertise in medical technology applications that has enabled it to partner with prominent global healthcare companies over the past two decades, said CEO Peter Mertens. “Based in the heart of a technology hub [in Eindhoven, Netherlands], we have been able to assemble a team of world-class engineers,” Mertens explained. “Through their ambition and creativity, we develop cutting-edge and highly reliable molding solutions that give our clients an edge over their competitors.”

IGS GeboJagemainjection mold

IGS GeboJagema has assembled a team of engineers that combine mold-making expertise with a deep knowledge of medical technology requirements.

Mertens cited as one example the company’s involvement in major strategic insulin pen projects. “We like to partner with our clients as early as possible, so we can make the biggest impact. Whether it’s product design, or a smart mold solution that no one else can offer, we optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process to realize the lowest total cost of ownership possible.” 

IGS GeboJagema points to a testimonial from one of its customers, which claims that the partnership enabled its business to grow 10-fold over the past 25 years. “We would not have been successful if IGS had simply delivered the common, standard fare goods,” said the unnamed company. “The suite of mold hardware we developed together reduces costs, improves delivery time, and requires less maintenance and toolroom support. Our IGS molds are considered the gold standard within our company’s manufacturing arena.”

The DC-based subsidiary initially will focus on providing faster and more convenient sales and service support to IGS GeboJagema’s North American customer base. It will exhibit at booth 746 at Advanced Manufacturing East.

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