Eastman helps Clemson University cultivate next-gen medical packaging engineers: Page 2 of 2

For the second time around in the fall of 2018, Eastman recruited Remington Medical and Tek Pak to participate.

“Tek Pak brought its processing and moldmaking expertise and Remington Medical helped the students address validation requirements,” said Clark. “Once the prototype was done, it helped students perform the various tests to make sure the packaging worked as intended.” The end result, shown in the image below, was impressive and looked quite professional, said Clark.

Eastman Clemson University project

This year, Eastman is celebrating more than 40 years of “dedicated support to the medical manufacturing industry,” noted Clark, “and this project has allowed us to take the expertise and knowledge we have gained over the years and give these students a taste of what it’s like being an engineer who designs packaging for medical devices.” The students were excited, intrigued and a little anxious when they learned of the scope of the project, said Clark. Ultimately, though, it was a rewarding experience once the final package took shape.

“It was rewarding for us, as well,” said Clark. “You almost test yourself a little bit, taking all your knowledge and trying to teach someone else. It was a unique experience, working with future talent, a group of motivated young people looking forward to their first jobs.”

Eastman only sponsors the program during fall semesters so that “we have time to adjust the scope of the project, as needed,” said Clark. The staff will regroup within the next month or so to “brainstorm a new project scope for the fall of 2019,” said Clark.

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