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September 1, 2004

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Fiber abrasive deburring for medical plastics products

Bradex fiber abrasive brushes from Abtex?typically used to deburr extrusions and castings made from aluminum and other metals?can be used to deburr molded plastic pieces for the medical products industry. Fiber abrasive brushes are filaments of heat-stabilized nylon that are coextruded with an abrasive grit. The grit is impregnated throughout the filament and is exposed on the external surfaces. As the filament wears, new abrasive grit is exposed. The filament is self-sharpening. Abrasive action occurs on both the tip and the sides of the filament. An anchoring system imbeds the fibers in a resin body, increasing the tool?s durability without compromising its integrity.

In a real-world application, a molder that thermoforms plastic trays for surgical and medical kits uses the brushes to remove the burr that results from the molding process?previously a time-consuming, by-hand operation that depended on operator skill. Today, the molder uses Bradex 2-inch diameter, maximum density, hex-drive, disc-brushing tools at a speed of 1500 rpm. Trays are deburred as a final step in the CNC machining process at a feed rate of 100 in/min.

Abtex Corp., Dresdan, NY
(315) 536-7403

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