Flexible packaging company increases healthcare pouch manufacturing capacity

PPC Precision Clean medical pouch

PPC Flexible Packaging has announced the installation of additional healthcare pouch manufacturing lines at its Buffalo Grove, IL, plant. The capacity extension is part of the company’s initiative to upgrade and increase production capabilities within its Precision Clean Healthcare Packaging division.

The additional capabilities increase overall capacity by 50% for the production of chevron pouch, header pouch and cleanroom bags and roll bags. Healthcare applications represent approximately 70% of the division’s output, with micro-electronics accounting for the remaining 30%, the company told PlasticsToday.

PPC Precision Clean’s pouches for the medical, pharmaceutical, and life science markets include both peel and non-peel formats and are available with permeable or non-permeable header substrates, customized header locations, and wicket or tape closures. Customers can choose from a selection of 10 color flexographic printing, indicator inks and IPA resistant inks. A range of film types, including monolayer products, co-extrusions and laminations, can be processed.

The flexible plastic packaging is processed in ISO Class 4 and Class 7 cleanrooms, and is certified to Kennedy Space Center surface cleanliness levels. The product line includes a range of sterilizable pouch types, barrier pouches and certified ultra-pure and clean bag formats. Roll stock in all qualified film types is available. Leachable and extractables data can be provided for all lots, and traceability is ensured via barcoding technology. The company’s quality systems are certified to ISO and SQF standards.

The capacity expansion responds to consistent growth in demand from the life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare segments of the market. Precision Clean told PlasticsToday that it has seen that part of its business grow 15 to 20% per year.

“Customers are looking for higher levels of quality and a partner with a strong understanding of customer markets and application needs that allows for innovation and constant improvements in processing and delivery to market,” said Brian Ivey, Vice President, Sales, for the Precision Clean division. “Our solutions give customers a competitive advantage, and our speed to market gives our partners flexibility to give their customers superior service.”

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