Flexicare acquires Medisize B.V.

November 21, 2017

UK-based medical device manufacturer Flexicare (Mountain Ash) has acquired Medisize B.V. from an affiliate of Phillips-Medisize LLC (Hudson, WI). The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Medisize B.V. specializes in the supply and distribution of respiratory and anesthesia products for critical care, neonatology, emergency, homecare and radiology. The acquisition includes operations in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in Germany and Italy. It does not include any of the contract manufacturing and design consultancy businesses of Phillips-Medisize in the Netherlands, Czech Republic or elsewhere.

The sale of Medisize B.V. by Phillips-Medisize will enable both organizations to focus on their differing areas of expertise, and better serve the needs of their distinct customer groups, the companies said in a press release.

“We believe this is a very positive transaction for both Flexicare and Phillips-Medisize,” said Matt Jennings, CEO and President, Phillips-Medisize, in a prepared statement. “The airway management business closely aligns with Flexicare’s vision. Flexicare’s strength and presence in this market makes them well-positioned to fully leverage the talent and expertise of the airway management team in continuing to provide innovative airway management solutions."

During a press conference at the co-located MD&M East and PLASTEC East event in New York in June, Jennings emphasized the importance of connectivity in medical devices and gave some insights into the company's direction going forward, which clearly does not include airway management products.

To improve patient outcomes, noted Jennings, you need to be able to track patient compliance, which necessitates connectivity in drug-delivery devices and other medical products. “Consequently, we are seeing an acceleration in the uptake of connected health solutions by traditional medical device companies. Medical device OEMs need to acquire bits and pieces of this [health information technology] ecosystem to move forward. Companies that don’t have the resources to buy the expertise are seeking partners that can get them to the same place," said Jennings.

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