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Four-axis gauge brings precision, speed to medical extrusion applications

December 23, 2014

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Four-axis gauge brings precision, speed to medical extrusion applications

NDC Technologies (Dayton, OH) will introduce the Beta LaserMike AccuScan 6012 four-axis diameter and ovality gauge at NPE 2015. Industry's first four-axis gauge for measuring products up to 12 mm, the device enables extruders of medical tubing and other advanced products to measure diameter and ovality more accurately than would be possible using two- and three-axis gauges.

Manufacturers of medical tubing, high-performance cables, and other extruded products typically have relied on two- and three-axis diameter and ovality gauges for on- and offline measurements. Increased production line speeds combined with rotation and vibration issues have created new obstacles to meeting rigorous design and quality specifications.

In medical applications, out-of-tolerance diameter or roundness, often down to ten-thousandths of an inch, affects the performance of life-critical devices such as catheters.

Likewise, errors in the diameter or roundness of the conductor or insulation in coaxial or twisted-pair LAN products directly affect the performance characteristics of cables, rendering them useless for the designed application.

Built on the proven AccuScan platform, the new Beta LaserMike AccuScan 6012 four-axis gauge provides more comprehensive measurement coverage than two- and three-axis gauges and features an ultra-fast scan rate. This combination of advantages makes it possible to achieve a more accurate average outer diameter and ovality measurement at higher line speeds and for offline applications.

Product highlights include:

  • Ultra-fast measurements at 2400 scans per second per axis (totaling 9600 measurements per second) with single-scan repeatability to 1 micron.

  • A 42% improvement in detecting true ovality over three-axis gauges, and 100% ovality accuracy when the product is aligned with the measurement axes.

  • High flaw detection accuracy, with 25% improvement over three-axis gauges. The ultra-fast scan rate and higher accuracy coupled with the high-speed tolerance checking option permits detection of product flaws such as lumps and neckdowns in a timely, reliable, and accurate manner.

  • Offline part-measurement capability to check samples and to track, manage, and analyze critical product data using the company's PC-based AccuNet display system.

NDC Technologies will showcase the AccuScan 6012 gauge at booth W2991 at NPE2015. The event comes to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, from March 23 to 27, 2015. 

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