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As the head of the MedTech Launch division, Glass looks forward to “connecting the dots” for medical device OEMs. “Often, a clinician will have clinical requirements, but translating them into engineering requirements and evaluating them against recognized standards is a challenge,” explains Glass. “Similarly a device inventor may have evaluated a prototype against a standard, but making that device manufacturable can be a challenge. We can connect the clinical, regulatory, engineering and manufacturing requirements.”

Nathan Glass, MedTech Launch
Nathan Glass, Vice President of Product Development, MedTech Launch.

MedTech Launch can also help define cost and market placement factors, which can be a significant stumbling block for startup medtech companies, adds Glass. “Start-up teams often face the catch-22 of investment and cost. It’s challenging to determine the return on investment if you don’t know how much your product will cost,” Glass told PlasticsToday. "Cost is a factor in price, which is a factor in market placement. It can be very challenging for a team to fully commit to a project when there are many unknowns. Product investment and unit costs are big ones, and a value MedTech Launch brings is helping to define those factors."

The introduction of MedTech Launch all boils down to nurturing innovation and bringing its benefits to the marketplace, adds Ryder. “With our longevity as a leading medical device contract manufacturer bridging the innovation gap for OEMs, we’re thrilled to take this next step and support our clients through all phases of the design and development process.”

Genesis Plastics Welding is certified to ISO 13485, the international quality systems standard for medical device manufacturing. The company specializes in radio frequency (RF) welding and heat sealing applications of plastic products. Its proprietary heat sealing technology, ecoGenesis, allows RF plastics welding of very thin gauge—down to 0.001 inches—polyethylene, polypropylene and low-loss polymers and can facilitate PVC and polyurethane replacement with phthalate-free plastics. 

The company is exhibiting at the co-located PLASTEC East and MD&M East events in New York on June 12 to 14.

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