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Heat is on for contract molder of PEEK parts for medical devices

Norbert Sparrow

May 11, 2016

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Heat is on for contract molder of PEEK parts for medical devices

Toolcraft (Georgensgmünd, Germany), a supplier of precision parts, assemblies, molds and injection molded parts to the medical, aerospace, automotive and other sectors, has invested in a mold heat controller that maintains a constant temperature level, thus improving product quality in an environmentally responsible manner. The system is specifically intended for the processing of polyetheretherketone (PEEK).

PEEK has a melting point between 370° and 400°C, notes toolcraft, and the material can be processed in its liquid state during injection moulding. Because it is autoclavable, biocompatible and radiolucent, the material is used in a number of medical applications, including hearing aids, which toolcraft produces in a two-shot molding process at its EN ISO 13485–certified facility.

Toolcraft was using cartridge heaters to bring the mold to the required temperature of at least 200°C. Since these heaters are electrical, however, they are slow at conducting heat, making the temperature difficult to control.

"The new equipment enables the tool to be consistently heated to 200°C, the ideal temperature for injection molding PEEK," says Thomas Lender, Head of Injection Molding. Moreover, the system maintains a consistent level of heat using a minimal amount of energy, thus improving the company's environmental footprint while improving repeatability and product quality and reducing cycle times.

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