Honeywell adds new barrier films to Aclar portfolio

Honeywell Aclar filmsHoneywell’s Healthcare Packaging unit will introduce two new barrier film offerings at the Pharmapack Drug Delivery and Packaging Expo in Paris this week. New to the Aclar Barrier Films family are clear and opaque laminated options: Aclar Accel 1700 and Aclar Accel 5400. Both options are available in standard sizes, boasting faster production and delivery times than customizable options.

Kori Anderson, General Manager, Healthcare Packaging for Honeywell, said the new PCTFE (fluoropolymer) films were developed specifically to provide moisture barrier in blister packs used for pharmaceutical packaging of solid oral doses.

“Honeywell has been in this business for 40-plus years and is a strong presence in this vertical market,” Anderson told PlasticsToday. “Laminated with another substrate to provide an optimum barrier, the new films extend shelf life and bring greater cost efficiencies in thermoforming operations.”

Accel 1700 (1.7 mil) is a non-yellowing film and Accel 5400 (5.4 mil) is designed for opaque laminates. The latter reportedly is more cost effective than cold form foil aluminum blister packaging. Both films offer the highest moisture barrier in their class and provide different levels of moisture depending on the pharmaceutical requirements, said Anderson.

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