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A cooling cap made of silicone rubber designed to prevent hair loss in chemotherapy patients, a plastic y connector for catheter guidewire manipulation and a quick-release mold clamp are among the finalists of the Exhibitor Innovations Competition organized by MEDTEC Ireland. The annual event for medical technology professionals returns to Galway on the western coast of Ireland on October 6 and 7, 2015.

Norbert Sparrow

September 1, 2015

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Innovations in silicone rubber and mold clamping tools among finalists in MEDTEC Ireland contest

Scalp cooling systems developed by Paxman (Huddersfield, UK) have been used by chemotherapy patients to prevent hair loss since 2000, but the company recognized that an imperfect fit can affect patient outcomes. It collaborated with Primasil Silicones Ltd. (Weobley, UK), a supplier of silicone rubber compounds, moldings, extrusions and medical assemblies, to design a cap that would improve treatment and enable automation of the manufacturing process.


A silicone-rubber formulation created by Primasil Silicones enables a better fit for Paxman scalp cooling systems, which help prevent hair loss during chemotherapy treatments.

Primasil created a proprietary silicone rubber formulation that uses a unique mixture of of heat-cured rubber compounds that are injection molded into the required shape, reports PlasticsToday sister brand, EMDT. The material's flexibility "enables nurses to easily fit the cap closely to the patient's scalp, whatever the size or shape of the head. In doing so, it ensures consistent and effective application of cooling to every part of the scalp" reports EMDT, which presents all of the finalists in a slide show on its website.

Qosina (Edgewood, NY) was named a finalist for its One-Handed Hemostasis Valve Y Connector, which allows independent manipulation of multiple guidewires in medical applications. The device is made from polycarbonate and polyoxymethylene, which impart clarity and temperature resistance to the finished product. A single-handed control lever allows for lock and release with light pressure from the user, and a click clearly identifies the valve position via acoustic and tactile feedback.

Rounding out this trio of finalists is Lenzkes (Christiansburg, VA), a supplier of clamping tools well known to PlasticsToday readers. Its quick-release systems were singled out for their height and reach and their contribution to productivity in injection molding environments.

The other finalists, which include Advanced Chemical Etching, Femtos GmbH and Mitsubishi Electric, are featured in a slide show on emdt.co.uk.

MEDTEC Ireland attendees and medical manufacturing professionals are invited to vote for their favorite innovation on the MEDTEC Ireland website. The winner will be announced during a networking drinks reception on October 6 in the Kings Head pub in Galway.

MEDTEC Ireland will be held at the Radisson Blu hotel in Galway on October 6 and 7, 2015. For more information about the conference and exhibition, go to the MEDTEC Ireland website.

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