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July 18, 2016

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Kraiburg’s Thermolast K compound used to develop kinder, gentler breast pump

Global specialty plastics manufacturer Kraiburg TPE (Waldkraiburg, Germany) has partnered with BeauGen LLC (New York, NY), a husband-and-wife startup founded in 2015 that has created the Perfect Latch product for breast-feeding mothers. Perfect Latch serves as a cushion between the breast pump and the mother's skin to make it more comfortable to pump and to protect sensitive skin areas.

Christopher Chang and Tu-Hien Le needed a natural material that would be FDA-compliant as well as gentle to the skin, flexible and extremely soft. Their challenge was to find a material with an extremely low Shore durometer value and high elongation at its breaking point. In addition, the material had to be colorable, while maintaining its technical properties.

A compound from Kraiburg TPE’s Thermolast K family not only met all of the customer's technical requirements, but can be produced in small quantities and variously colored.

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