Low-Profile, Injection-Molded Hooks Introduced for Medical Applications

New low-profile hooks that can be injection molded directly into plastic parts have been added to the Aplix inter-mold portfolio for medical and orthopedic applications. Inter-mold technology is a patented one-step injection-molding process that streamlines and optimizes manufacturing practices by eliminating the material and associated labor costs of attaching hook tapes to plastic.

Inter-mold technology from Aplix
The inter-mold process is compatible with a range of injection-molded thermoplastics. Image courtesy Aplix.

“The newer hooks allow our medical and orthopedic customers to create applications with higher quality and reliability," said Quresh Sachee, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing/inter-mold. “Listening closely to our customers inspired Aplix to design lower profile inter-mold hooks.”

The inter-mold process is compatible with a range of injection-molded thermoplastics, and a number of resins have been used for medical and other applications including polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, acetyl and thermoplastic urethanes. Inter-mold technology is easily implemented into injection-molding machinery and does not require moving parts or add-on equipment, said Aplix in a press release.

The benefits of inter-mold technology cited by Aplix include improved aesthetics, elimination of adhesive-backed hook tape and attachment labor, and chemical and liquid resistance.

Hook and loop fasteners for medical applications are available in polypropylene and polyamide materials. Inter-mold technology can be implemented in three ways, according to Aplix:

  • Standard fasteners that meet specifications of various applications;
  • custom finished products molded by Aplix, which can manage the project from concept to production; and
  • inserts designed and manufactured by Aplix that are mounted in the injection mold through a license agreement.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Aplix is one of the world’s leading hook and loop fastening system specialists. Serving the aircraft, automotive, cleaning, healthcare, personal care, packaging, and other specialized industries, the company operates plants in the United States, France, Brazil, and China as well as sales offices around the world.

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