LSR molder Simtec adds cleanroom

Simtec cleanroom

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding company Simtec Silicone Parts has added a Class 8 cleanroom at its facility in Miramar, FL, to respond to demand from its life science customers.

“Medical device OEMs like our highly automated technology and have requested we add a cleanroom to our production,” explained Frank Dilly, Managing Director.

The ISO Class 8 cleanroom features a smart layout with material staging and tool change occurring outside the controlled environment. Parts from fully automated one- and two-shot lines are robotically removed and transported within a controlled enclosure to the cleanroom for inspection, post-curing and bagging. The design and infrastructure in place also allows for quick expansion and growth.

Founded in 2001, Simtec Silicone Parts joined the Austria-based Rico Group in 2016, a global provider of elastomer and thermoplastic projects. The group's portfolio includes the manufacture of specialized injection molds and the production of custom components.

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