Lubrizol LifeSciences doubles down on commitment to OEMs of drug-device combination products

Lubrizol LifeSciencesThe market for combination devices—products that incorporate a medical device and a drug (and, in some cases, a biologic)—is thriving, and the LifeSciences business of Lubrizol Corp. (Cleveland, OH) is perfectly positioned to play a leading role in providing contract services to companies developing these technologies. Robert Miller, General Manager, Lubrizol LifeSciences, explained how from the company’s booth at last week’s co-located MD&M West and PLASTEC West event in Anaheim, CA.

“Pharmaceutical companies don’t have a lot of mechanical engineering expertise, whereas medical device OEMs are not necessarily familiar with drug-delivery technology,” Miller told PlasticsToday. “Lubrizol LifeSciences is fully equipped to fill that gap,” he added.

The company has built a formidable presence in this space by supplementing its well-established materials, molding and extrusion services with the acquisitions of Vesta in 2014 and Particle Sciences in 2015. Vesta is a contract manufacturer specializing in silicone and thermoplastic extrusion, while Particle Science is a contract drug development company.

Lubrizol’s well-established customer base in pharma—the company has been manufacturing pharmaceutical excipients and drug formulations for decades—and its name recognition among medtech OEMs, make it "one of the few companies that can bridge the global pipeline in the drug-device space by offering polymer customization, development services for drug-eluting devices and contract manufacturing services,” said Miller.

The next rendezvous for the medical device supply chain happens in Cleveland, OH, on March 29 and 30, 2017. UBM America’s newest design and manufacturing trade show and conference, Advanced Design & Manufacturing (ADM) Cleveland will showcase five zones—medical manufacturing, plastics, packaging, automation and robotics, and design and manufacturing. Numerous conference sessions are targeted to the medical manufacturing, automotive and other key industry sectors. Go to the PLASTEC Cleveland website to learn more and to register to attend.

At the Anaheim event, Lubrizol LifeSciences demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the medical and drug-eluting device markets by highlighting the investments it has made in its global development and manufacturing facilities. The company announced the expansion of several facilities and increased in-house engineering capacity for both silicone and thermoplastic products. Part of the investment expands Vesta’s thermoplastic capabilities to include tip forming, tube flaring, pad printing, hole punching/drilling, precision cutting, reflow, braided tubing lamination and more, said the company.

Lubrizol LifeSciences also announced new compounding capabilities for its Pellethane TPU and Isoplast ETPU products, which include color matching and custom colors for brand recognition, safe identification and aesthetics in medical device applications.

“With a long history of polymer expertise and recent investments, Lubrizol LifeSciences is positioned to offer full-service development for next generation medical and drug-eluting device innovations,” added Miller.

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