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LyondellBasell introduces PP resin for cast film and injection molded medical products

Article-LyondellBasell introduces PP resin for cast film and injection molded medical products

LyondellBasell Purell RP320m
The Purell RP320M material achieves optimal physical, mechanical and optical balance of properties, according to the company.

LyondellBasell (Rotterdam, Netherlands) has developed a new polypropylene (PP) random copolymer that can be used to manufacture caps and closures, labware and flexible and rigid packaging of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Purell RP320M provides clarity and homogeneity to meet quality requirements in cast film extrusion conversion and injection molding technologies.

Purell RP320M exhibits low gel content, enabling optical properties such as gloss, transparency, surface smoothness and planarity as well as tear resistance. The material’s sealing properties in film structures and its rheological behavior also enhance processability in injection molded applications. It does not contain slip or anti-blocking additives and is manufactured using a non-phthalate based catalytic system.

This new PP grade is backed by LyondellBasell’s Purell Service Concept for healthcare applications, which offers consistency of formulation, continuity of supply, single sourcing and compliance to regulatory requirements.

“The new Purell RP320M offers a physical, mechanical and optical balance of properties that strengthens LyondellBasell’s portfolio of resins used in pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, laboratory and diagnostics applications,” said Rodney Fox, Marketing Manager of LyondellBasell’s European PP Healthcare and Caps and Closures business.

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