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Polyplastics offers medical device manufacturers extensive data on the long-term reliability of its materials. Customized data on extraction, moldability, durability, slip and wear, and other key attributes are also available.

At the event, Polyplastics is also showcasing its latest Topas cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), a high-purity material for a range of medical applications. The glass-clear and highly pure plastic offers stiffness and barrier resistance, biocompatibility, and drug compatibility.


Composite tubing a drop-in replacement for stainless-steel tubing

Polygon's composite tubing
PolyMed composite tubing from Polygon Co. serves as a drop-in replacement for stainless-steel tubing in medical applications.

Polygon Co., a producer of composite tubing, bearings and cylinders based in Walkerton, IN, will be exhibiting its high-performance PolyMed composite tubing for surgical applications in booth 2246.

The composite tubing is used in surgical ablation tools, suction irrigation or trocar cannula, endoscopic and laparoscopic instruments, and robotic surgery systems.

Lightweight and strong, PolyMed composite tubing acts as a drop-in replacement for stainless steel tubing in a variety of endoscopic and laparoscopic instrumentation applications. The material is ISO-10993 compliant and can be sterilized.

Polygon's composites experts work closely with customer engineers to develop custom medical components. Architectures include braided, circumferentially wound, and unidirectional tubing. The thin-walled material can be produced in multi-lumen shapes as one piece.

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