Micro Laser Welder Engineered to Join Small, Delicate Plastic Parts

A new laser welder for small plastic parts combines advanced laser technology with a low clamping force to produce precise, clean and repeatable welds. The Branson GLX Micro Laser Welder introduced by Emerson is suited for the manufacture of small, delicate plastic parts used in the medical and consumer electronics industries.

GLX Micro Welder
In Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared technology, all lasers fire simultaneously to heat, melt, and bond component parts along the entire weld surface in 0.5 to 5 seconds. Image courtesy Emerson.

The GLX Micro uses the patented Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTlr) laser welding technology, which enables manufacturers to achieve superior weld strength and quality with exceptional speed and flexibility, said Emerson. With STTIr, all lasers fire simultaneously to heat, melt, and bond the component parts along the entire weld surface in 0.5 to 5 seconds, depending on material and geometric complexity. The repeatable and stable method helps to increase production throughput.

STTlr eliminates the use of friction, which may generate flash and particulates, thereby ensuring smooth and barely visible weld lines that can be incorporated into product designs. Complex 3D contours can be accommodated, allowing designers to create parts for maximum functionality and ergonomic appeal. The GLX Micro’s low 1-Newton clamp force enables joining of small and very delicate parts, including those with embedded electronics and sensors.

“There is increasing demand for smaller and more intricate high-quality plastic components for the medical and consumer electronics markets,” said Priyank Kishor, Global Product Manager for Branson products at Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “By offering advanced welding performance and an unrivalled clamp force, the GLX Micro laser welder enables manufacturers to design and efficiently produce the highest quality products.”

The cleanroom-compatible welder has a stainless-steel design, requires no lubricants, and is powered from a remote electrical cabinet that can be located outside the production area. To support traceability, production data, including weld depth and clamp force, can be exported to manufacturing execution systems in a range of formats.

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