New bioprinter is powered by tried, tested technology

November 12, 2019

A new bioprinting system combines a tried and tested chassis technology with features designed specifically for medical, scientific and research applications. The Felix Bio printer developed by Felixprinters (IJsselstein, Netherlands) will be showcased at the Formnext trade show in Frankfurt next week and, for the first time, will be available for pre-ordering. It will begin shipping from stock at the beginning of next year.

Felix Bio printer

At the heart of the Felix Bio printer is the established Felixprinters technology that has been reliably serving manufacturers for several years, said the company, which was founded in 2010. Key features designed for users in the medical, scientific and research fields include syringe cooling, print bed cooling and heating, a dual head system, easy syringe positioning and automatic bed leveling, said the company in a pre-show press release. The printer has already been used at the Technical University of Denmark in a medical research application.

A major advantage of the Felix Bio printer is the source control system, which enables the use of standard slicing software and allows users to make changes themselves, if needed, according to company co-founder Guillaume Feliksdal. “Syringes are not restricted to expensive brand-specific or in-house [manufactured] products that essentially drive up operating costs. The machine instead has been designed to use a standard 5-ml syringe, and standardized petri dishes and culture plates, so there are no limitations on auxiliary parts and materials.”

The Felix Bio has retraction capability, which is not possible with air-pressure systems, according to the company, even when it is required to control liquid flow. A highly precise motor enables retraction, and also improves the accuracy of materials dosage and flow. It is sufficiently robust to extrude a range of viscosities.

The sterilizable printheads have a modular design for easy changeovers, and separate heads are available to accommodate different materials. A unique probing system reportedly results in a perfect first layer. The bed-leveling system is not dependent on specific nozzles since probing is performed by the nozzle that is working on the print surface.

Felixprinters is exhibiting at booth A 66 in 12.1 at Formnext, which runs from Nov. 19 to 22 in Frankfurt.

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