New grade of silicone elastomer eyes microfluidic and implantable medical device applications

Materials innovator Gelest Inc. (Morrisville, PA) has introduced ExSil 50, a softer grade of an ultra-high elongation material that has been formulated to meet the requirements of soft-tissue implants or extracorporeal device applications. 

The ExSil class of elastomers have unprecedented elongation greater than 5000% and shape recovery behavior, according to Gelest. They also have self-sealing and tear-resistance properties. The materials are available in an industrial grade, Gelest ExSil 100, as well as soft-tissue compatible ExSil 50.

To view a technical data sheet for the material, click on the PDF: PDF iconGelest-ExSil-50.pdf

Gelest is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial and research quantities of organo-silicon compounds, metal-organic compounds and silicones. The company serves advanced technology markets, including specialty polymeric materials, through a materials science–driven approach.

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