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New medical-grade films added to Klöckner’s Pentaplast range

Plastic films extruder Klöckner Pentaplast has expanded its range of products for the medical packaging industry with the introduction of Pentamed MD-EK10R00 to the processor's Pentamed film product line. The grade of plastic film offers toughness and high heat stability, making it a new option for applications such as packaging heavy medical equipment and frozen products. Currently the company is extrudiing the film only at an unidentified site(s) in the U.S. (we asked) but it is available for buyers globally.

PlasticsToday Staff

July 25, 2011

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New medical-grade films added to Klöckner’s Pentaplast range

Klöckner Pentaplast (Montabaur, Germany and Gordonsville, VA) says the new film grade's high glass-transition temperature (Tg) allows for a degree of heat resistance that slows aging and speeds validation and sterilization. The Tg using DSC is 110C (229F), company officials told PlasticsToday. With these films, accelerated-aging protocols can be completed faster than with films with a lower Tg.  The films' slower aging properties make for increased shelf life. Additionally, higher sterilization chamber temperatures are not limited by the package so there is faster ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilization cycle time and reduced risk of warping and sticking. For every 10°C increase in an EtO chamber's temperature, sterilization time can be reduced in half, claims the processor.

Notched Izod-impact, dart-impact, and aged internal-drop tests carried out by third-party packaging validation testing revealed that the Pentamed MDEK10R00 films remain tough following three rounds of EtO sterilization. The film's toughness also offers package designers the option to consider downgauging, or to reduce the use of secondary packaging.

"Pentamed MD-EK10R00 high-performance co-polyester films were developed to address an unmet industry need for increased toughness and temperature performance," said Justin Glass, Klöckner Pentaplast's business manager for medical device films in the Americas.

The Klöckner Pentaplast Group includes 19 current production operations in 11 countries. It is wholly owned by affiliates of The Blackstone Group. The plastics processor has annual sales of more than $1.3 billion (€930 million) and employs more than 3000.

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