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The new materials from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics are formulated to simplify global supply chain operations.

PlasticsToday Staff

December 6, 2016

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New portfolio of elastomeric materials complies with global medical and pharmaceutical standards

Quadion LLC, doing business as Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRP; Minneapolis, MN), has introduced a new portfolio of materials formulated for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Designed for global use to simplify supply chain logistics, the materials comply with existing and proposed regulations involving elastomeric products. 

The MRP portfolio includes the following materials:

  • Qmonix 558CH, a high-purity, high-performance EPDM product formulated for demanding medical and pharma applications. Qmonix 558CH is suited for both hot and cold process applications, and features chemical resistance. It is also resistant to both ozone and UV used in sanitization processes.

  • FKM 51 SCG is a highly fluorinated, carbon backbone polymer recommended for demanding applications. It resists harsh chemical and ozone attack with a thermal stability to 500°F (262°C). FKM 515CG also offers low compression set and aging characteristics. The material provides excellent results in concentrated alcohols, acids and process chemicals.

  • NBR 536EG was developed to withstand environments that require low compression set, abrasion resistance and low temperature performance. It is inherently resistant to oils.

Standard durometer for all of the materials as formulated is 70 shore A.

Typical applications for the new material portfolio include seals, catheters, plunger tips, valves, connections, disposables, prosthetics, lab equipment, syringe plugs and diaphragms. All seals in pumps, valves, heat exchangers and other medical process machine components can be produced from the materials to comply with global regulations.

The materials comply with the European Commission framework regulation EC 1935/2004, U.S. FDA Title 21 CFR and NSF Standard 61 and 51. Other certifications are pending.

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