New tamper-evident cap-and-label combo ensures integrity of prefilled syringes

Schreiner MediPharm (Blauvelt, NY) announced today that it has developed a tamper-evident security concept for luer-lock syringes. Cap-Lock combines a cap adapter and label that firmly seal prefilled syringes for reliable first opening indication, thus, ensuring the integrity of the primary container.

Cap-Lock technology from Schreiner-MediPharm

The plastic cap adapter is placed precisely on top of the syringe’s primary closure to equalize any difference in diameter between the syringe body and closure. Then, a label with integrated perforation for tamper evidence is wrapped around the syringe body and the bottom of the cap adapter. When the syringe cap is opened, the label is partially destroyed, clearly and irreversibly indicating that the cap has been breached. 

Using Cap-Lock in everyday healthcare settings is particularly easy, intuitive and safe, according to Schreiner MediPharm. The syringe can be opened in the customary manner and, because of its large diameter, the adapter is simple to twist off even with gloves. 

Cap-Lock can be applied to syringes in a conventional production setting. Compared with the shrink-wrap process, the application requires no heat, making Cap-Lock suitable for sensitive substances. The label can be provided with additional functionality, such as counterfeit-proof features, detachable documentation labels and light protection. The technology is adaptable to many commonly used syringe sizes, and both the label and adapter can be customized for color and design. Because the adapter is firmly connected to the primary closure of the syringe, no additional waste is generated, added Schreiner MediPharm.

The technology will be presented for the first time to a specialized audience next month at the PDA Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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