New translucent polymer compounds suited for medical applications that require visual monitoring

Foster Corp.New translucent, medical-grade compounds from Foster Corp. (Putnam, CT) feature a lower coefficient of friction (CoF) when added to lower-durometer thermoplastic urethanes (TPUs) and Pebax polyamide elastomer materials. 

Similar to the existing ProPell product line, the new ProPell T materials offer reduced CoF while maintaining critical mechanical properties, and improved manufacturing and handling of medical catheter tubing. In addition, ProPell T offers a proprietary surface-enhancing additive that provides translucency unlike anything on the market today, said Foster.

Translucency is critical in medical applications that require close visual monitoring. “Medical personnel can not only see the substance that is being transported through the tubing, but can also easily detect any defects in the device,” explained Larry Johnson, Vice President of Business Development.

The ProPell T technology reduces tackiness and friction in medical device components, especially soft, flexible polymers such as low-durometer TPUs, commonly used in central venous catheters, and Pebax polyamide polymers that are used in interventional vascular catheters.

“The use of ProPell T in catheters benefits medical practitioners by offering easier deployment and control of the device, enabling the catheter to move faster and smoother through the vascular system,” Johnson added

ProPell T also reduces tackiness in injection molded devices.

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