NPE2018: Sabic debuts medical-grade filaments for 3D printing, showcases contribution to migraine-treatment device: Page 2 of 2

The third 3D-printing filament introduced at the show is Ultem AM1010F, which provides high-heat resistance—it has a glass transition temperature of 217° C—and mechanical strength. It can be used in applications such as short-cycle injection molding tools, carbon-fiber layup tools, and automotive components. The filament is UL94 V-0 compliant at 1.5 mm and 5VA compliant at 3.0 mm. 

sTMS mini device from eNeura
The sTMS device from eNeura prevents and treats migraines via magnetic stimulation.

In its booth, Sabic also showed off a recently introduced medical device, which relied on traditional injection molding to achieve a sleek design. The sTMS mini device marketed by eNeura (Baltimore, MD) reportedly is a clinically proven migraine prevention and treatment product that uses magnetic stimulation to induce a mild electric current that modulates nerve cells in the brain. The non-invasive technology is believed to interrupt brain hyperactivity associated with migraine, according to the company. Sabic and molder PTA Plastics collaborated with eNeura to develop the housing, which is molded from a Lexan polycarbonate co-polymer.

Close collaboration helped eNeura accelerate time to market, noted David Rosen, eNeura CEO and President. “Fast service from Sabic—including a one-week turn-around on color matched samples—allowed us to move quickly to prototyping,” said Rosen.

The chemical- and impact-resistant material also met aesthetic requirements, which were important as the device is intended for use in the home, Ashir Thakore, Global Segment Leader, Healthcare, told PlasticsToday.

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