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The young Netherlands-based company Parx Plastics (Rotterdam) announced that it has completed verification tests on several grades of acrylics (PMMA) and is adding them to its portfolio of antimicrobial concentrates. These thermoplastics are used for the production of lightweight, shatter-resistant sheets that can be formed into shapes for hospital beds.

PlasticsToday Staff

September 8, 2015

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Parx Plastics adds PMMA grades to antimicrobials portfolio

Parx PlasticsParx Plastics has pioneered a biomimetic approach to the design and engineering of a material that inhibits the growth of bacteria on plastics. A team of 11 professors, scientists and researchers have collaborated with a renowned European university for chemistry to produce a proprietary innovation for plastics that attains a 99% rate of antibacterial/antimicrobial effectiveness according to ISO 22196.

No harmful substances are used in the non-leaching formulation, and it does not affect the material properties. The antimicrobial property is produced by changing the mechanical and physical properties of the surface to prevent bacteria from developing. Inspired by nature, the process has been developed without the use of toxins or biocides and, thus, is immune to a buildup of antimicrobial resistance.

Parx Plastics received the World Technology Award in 2014 in the materials category. The awards are presented each year in 30 different categories to outstanding innovators from each sector in the technology arena. Other winners of last year's edition were Elon Musk (Tesla/SpaceX), Palmer Luckey (founder of Oculus) and Walter Isaacson (former CEO of CNN, author of Steve Jobs).

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