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Processor fires shot across Saint Gobain’s bow with new medical tube offering

Plastic tubing processor Thermoplastic Processes has expanded its flexible PVC tuning line with the addition of Excelon Laboratory and Vacuum Tubing, which the processors calls "a direct equivalent in high quality production to Tygon R3603", the brand extruded and marketed by Saint Gobain Performance Plastics. "Same quality and functionality, much lower price" is the marketing angle.

PlasticsToday Staff

August 26, 2011

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Processor fires shot across Saint Gobain’s bow with new medical tube offering

Thermoplastic Processes (Georgetown, DE) is known as the processor and supplier of the Excelon brand of PVC tubing and the new grade is designed to serve as an alternative product for distributors and device manufacturers who require the R3603 formulation for the transfer of liquids and gases. In addition to providing the same product functionality, the Excelon product costs on average 30% less than the Tygon brand, claims Thermoplastic Processes.

Excelon Laboratory and Vacuum Tubing will be available from stock in the full range of standard sizes as well as in metric and heavy-wall specifications for use as vacuum tubing. Like Tygon R3603, Excelon Laboratory tubing is specifically designed to withstand a full vacuum rating (29.9" Hg) at room temperature and up to 27" Hg at 140o F. The tubing processor also can extrude custom sizes.

"Our engineers developed this new line of PVC tubing with its proprietary formula to give our customers a high quality product they can afford and depend on to meet their liquid and gas transfer requirements. It is a direct equivalent to Tygon R3603 and will withstand any tests the market might suggest," states Joe Raborn, general manager for Thermo.

This type of tubing is transparent and flexible (55 Shore A durometer), and sees use in the transfer of liquids and gases in laboratory applications. PVC tubing remains less expensive than one of the alternatives, silicone tubing, and does not have the allergic concerns sometimes associated with latex. Peristaltic pumps and other medical devices are typical end-use applications. The tubing meets FDA CFR 21, Part 175.300 criteria, and withstands autoclaving and repeated gamma sterilization.

Thermoplastic Processes extrudes rods, profiles and tubing, processing acrylic, PET, PVC, polycarbonate and polyethylene.

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