Progressive Components introduces tools to support medical molding applications

Progressive Components cleanroom molding toolsProgressive Components (Wauconda, IL) recently added new products to support the unique requirements of cleanroom molding for medical applications.

Tapered Series Date Plugs, made from stainless steel, feature a tapered seal between the date plug and date ring. Low-viscosity resins commonly used in medical applications flash easily; the tapered seal prevents flash, eliminating potential non-conformance with the molded part.

The company also offers stainless-steel Support Pillars that eliminate the allocation of labor and cost associated with making custom pillars in house.

These items join over a dozen products that Progressive Components has introduced recently that benefit cleanroom molding.

“Our roots are in the medical mold market, being located in one of the world’s largest medical molding corridors,” said Glenn Starkey, President of Progressive Components. “Early on, we recognized that a high-demand, high-cost mold for medical applications should not have rusty mold base components, nor should the shop that built it make mold base components such as locating rings and press knockout extensions.

“Whenever practical, we’ve made components from stainless steel or black oxide for corrosion resistance, and now support pillars join these items. And for the critical cavity/core area, the Tapered Series Date Plugs join exclusives such as friction-free slide retainers, needle bearing locks and UltraPins treated for lubricity,” said Starkey.

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