Röchling Medical completes €7.2-million plant expansion

Rochling MedicalThe Röchling Group’s medical division cut the ribbon on its €7.2-million ($8.1 million) plant expansion in Brensbach, Germany, on Oct. 26. Röchling Medical, which has been molding precision plastic parts for medical applications since 2008, nearly doubled its cleanroom space and upgraded certification to GMP Grade C, which sets a strict maximum particle count both at operation and at rest. The company also added a number of features to more closely align its systems with Industry 4.0 principles.

The new building is designed to enable injection molding and assembly systems to be fully integrated in the cleanroom, said Röchling in a press release. This configuration allows machinery to be repositioned or replaced quickly, a flexibility that is needed to fulfill shifting requirements in the pharmaceutical market, especially in the area of injection molding, according to Alexander Stauch, Managing Director.

Also part of the upgrade package, all of the logistics, production and mechanical systems in the Brensbach facility are now interconnected, and production, quality and energy-consumption data are captured in real time.

“By expanding and upgrading our facility in Brensbach, we are responding to the strong growth in our medical division,” said Prof. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, CEO of the Röchling Group and head of the medical division.

Röchling Medical produces a range of standard and custom plastic products for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, surgical and life science applications. The products are manufactured in Brensbach in ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms.

This investment is but the latest in a spate of recent activity by the Röchling Group’s medical division. In April, the company officially opened a state-of-the-art production building in Neuhaus am Rennweg, Germany. In June, its U.S. subsidiary Röchling Medical Rochester acquired medical technology specialist Precision Medical Products Inc., based in Denver, PA. Finally, in July, Röchling acquired Frank plastic AG, a supplier of medical and industrial equipment based in Waldachtal, Germany.

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