Slideshow: The gold standards of medical design excellence

  • The winners of the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEAs) were feted yesterday at the co-located MD&M East and PLASTEC East events in New York City. Now in its 19th year, the MDEA program rewards innovations in medical product design and engineering. Flip through this slideshow to see who took home the gold this year.

    For a complete list of the bronze, silver and gold winners, check out the slideshow assembled by sister brand MD+DI.

    PLASTEC East and MD&M East continue through June 15 at the Javits. Come on down! Go to the PLASTEC East website for more information about the event.
  • Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products

    Visitec I-Ring pupil expander

    Beaver-Visitec International (Waltham, MA)

    The Visitec I-Ring is a single-use pupil expansion device that safely and gently retracts the iris to view and access the lens during cataract surgery. Designed specifically for the increasingly common intra-operative floppy iris syndrome patient, the intrinsic safety features and soft polyurethane material minimize risk to delicate tissues in these complicated cases.

    The I-Ring device is comprised of two stainless-steel components and six injection molded parts made from four different thermoplastics. The 5-mg micro-molded polyurethane co-polymer hoop is designed with four living hinges, four through-holes and features as small as 0.002 inches.

    Scientific Molding Ltd. (Somerset, WI) is credited as a supply and design partner for this product.

  • Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices


    Genea Biomedx (Sydney, Australia)

    Geri is the world’s first incubator that combines a low-cost imaging system within each individually controlled patient incubator chamber. Embryologists can assess embryo development without taking the embryo out of its optimal environment. High-quality time-lapse images are taken while the embryo remains safe. The Geri ecosystem consists of a time-lapse incubator, software, server, dish consumable, filter consumable and water bottle consumable.

    The consumables include the Geri dish and water bottle, both of which are injection molded in a cleanroom and sterilized using gamma radiation.

    Planet Innovation (Lake Forest, IL) is credited for design and supply assistance.

  • Rehabilitation and Assistive-Technology Products


    Blatchford (Basingstoke, UK)

    Linx is the first fully integrated, microprocessor-controlled lower limb system for above-knee amputees. Combining four microprocessors and seven situational awareness sensors for control and balanced limb loading, the knee and ankle units communicate continuously to adjust resistance and speed for ease of use, safety and stability.

    The knee unit shell, which contains the hydraulic chamber, sensors, electronics and battery, is made of carbon fiber. Individual sheets of pre-impregnated carbon fibre are layered by hand and cured in an autoclave, where the resins and carbon fiber are heated and pressure treated to form a tough, strong, lightweight outer shell.

    The shin tube connecting the knee unit to the ankle/foot is aluminum.

    The ankle unit, containing a hydraulic chamber and microprocessor, is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel. Connected to the ankle carrier are e-carbon foot springs. Developed by Endolite, the flexible yet strong carbon fiber foot springs provide strength and energy return. Foot springs are manufactured by layering sheets of pre-impregnated carbon fiber. The cured sheets are then cut with water jets to provide the various sizes of foot springs needed.

    Linx was also named Best in Show of MDEA 2017.

  • Testing and Diagnostic Products and Systems


    Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd. (San Jose, CA)

    Samba is a diagnostic tool for monitoring HIV treatment efficacy and early infant diagnosis for patients in resource-poor settings, where the burden of HIV is greatest. It is an accurate and simple to use “sample in, result out” system enabling patients to receive same-day results and treatment at remote clinics.

    SAMBA has been used for patient monitoring at rural clinics in Malawi and Uganda by Médecins Sans Frontières since August 2013. To date more than 55,000 patients have been tested with a remarkably low invalid rate of 0.4% and more than 80% of patients receiving results on the same day.

    The unit-dose cartridges for viral loading testing and whole blood qualitative testing are manufactured by pre-dispensing Samba lyophilized reagents into single-use polystyrene cartridges using nitrogen filled glove box.

  • Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Devices

    Dakota nitinol stone retrieval device with OpenSure handle

    Boston Scientific Corp. (Marlborough, MA)

    Dakota is the first single-use kidney stone retrieval device able to claim capture of stone fragments as small as 1 mm and as large as 10 mm. Dakota also incorporates the OpenSure handle, a first-of-its-kind feature allowing urologists to easily drop large, complex fragments that may otherwise get trapped.

    Materials used in its manufacture include polyimide (end effector tube and retainer ring), Pebax (end effector heat-shrink tubing) and ABS and nylon 6/6 (handle).

  • Digital Health Products and Mobile Medical Apps

    The Levo System

    Otoharmonics (Portland, OR)

    Utilizing a neuroscience-based approach, the Levo System is a digital medical device for providing personalized nightly sound therapy designed to improve the quality of a tinnitus patient’s daily life.

    The Levo System for tinnitus therapy is comprised of the Levo Manager for providers and the Levo Patient System for patients.

  • ER and OR Tools, Equipment and Supplies 

    Savi Scout

    Cianna Medical Inc. (Aliso Viejo, CA)

    The Savi Scout is a zero-radiation and wire-free radar system for breast tumor localization. It is designed to aid surgeons in locating target tissue during a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy procedure. This product represents the first time radar has been successfully used in human tissue.

    Parts include a cast urethane front panel and injection molded ABS/PC housing and feet for the console and a handpiece with an injection molded ABS housing and internal brackets. The reflector and delivery needle include polyester tubing, an injection molded ABS/PC delivery needle handle, trigger,  tip protector and thermoformed PETG tray.

  • Drug-Delivery and Combination Products

    Neulasta Onpro 

    Amgen (Thousand Oaks, CA)

    The Neulasta Onpro kit includes a co-packaged single dose of Neulasta and a single-use on-body injector, a lightweight delivery system applied to the skin during a chemo appointment. It’s designed to automatically administer Neulasta the next day, so that the patient may not have to return to the doctor just for a shot of Neulasta.

  • Nonsurgical Hospital Supplies and Equipment 


    Genea Biomedx


    Gavi is the world’s first instrument to automate in vitro fertilization vitrification, the process of freezing embryos for use in later cycles. By automating and standardising the process, historically a manual process subject to variability, Gavi aims to improve patient outcomes and the likelihood of patients taking home a healthy baby.

    Planet Innovation (Sydney, Australia) was credited for design and supply assistance.

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