Solvay leverages high-performance polymer to enter finished medical device space

“Move over metal,” unabashedly trumpets the website of Solvay Dental 360, the first foray of materials supplier Solvay (Brussels) into the finished medical device manufacturing space. The new dental-care business line aims to take a bite out of the removable partial denture (RPD) market by replacing metal with its Ultaire AKP polymer and accelerating the production process with a digital workflow.

Solvay Dental 360Solvay's Ultaire AKP (aryl ketone polymer) material enables the design of metal-free frames that are biocompatible and more than 60% lighter than a metal frame, according to the company.

Solvay uses the Ultaire AKP material to make the Dentivera milling disc. Using this device and compatible software, lab technicians can design and mill the RPD frame faster and more efficiently than a metal frame, as fewer manufacturing steps are needed, says Solvay.

"Solvay's entrepreneurial initiative to launch into medical devices is driven by our innovation power as a world leader in metal-replacing materials and their proven track record in healthcare," said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO. "Solvay proudly starts off in dental-care devices with a unique full-circle offering that increases the comfort of patients and efficiency for dentists and lab technicians," added Shawn Shorrock, Global Director, Solvay Dental 360.

Solvay's portfolio of high-performance polymers include more than 35 brands that are used in more than 1,500 formulations. Healthcare applications include orthopedic, cardiovascular and renal devices.

The Dentivera milling disc is approved for use by EU and U.S. regulators.

The official launch of Solvay Dental 360 takes place this week at the 2017 International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany.

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