Tekni-Films introduces super-barrier-coated thermoformable film for blister packs

Tekni-FilmsA new super barrier-coated (SBC) thermoformable film for pharmaceutical blister packs offers transparency and allows pharmaceutical companies to use a smaller blister card to contain the same number of pills or to increase the product count on a conventional size card. The SBC 240 film is being launched by Tekni-Films (Wayne, PA), a Tekni-Plex business.

Described as a performance and improved-cost alternative for 4- and 6-mil polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) and cold-formed foil in thermoformable blister applications, SBC 240’s triplex structure is suited for applications such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, probiotics and related products.   

In addition to its desirable clear properties, SBC 240 doesn’t require stiffening ribs, which can be used to improve the ability of PCTFE to lie flat, nor the oversized blister wells created by cold forming. This allows pharmaceutical companies to downsize blister cards without reducing the number of tablets or capsules or to maintain the current card size and increase the product count. The end result is material cost savings all the way through the packaging process, including cartons and cases, as well as improved production efficiencies, said Tekni-Films.

In addition to ultra-high moisture and oxygen barrier properties, SBC 240 also has a wider processing window than PCTFE—as much as 20° F—which helps meet specific production speed preferences. 

The material is created by applying a high-barrier variant of polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC) coating to a polyethylene- based film structure. Multiple layers can be applied to create different coating thickness weights. As coating weight increases, so do the barrier attributes. 

Tekni-Films offers120-, 150-, 180- and 210-gram coating thicknesses as well as other custom solutions.

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