Tekni-Plex grows medical tubing, micro-extrusion portfolio with Dunn acquisition

Tekni-Plex Inc. (Wayne, PA) announced today that it has acquired Dunn Industries Inc. (Manchester, NH), a manufacturer of specialty extrusion tubing for medical device applications. It’s the seventh acquisition in the last four years made by Tekni-Plex, a global supplier of packaging materials, compounds and tubing for the medical device, pharmaceutical, personal care, household and industrial, and food and beverage sectors.

Dunn produces tight-tolerance, small-diameter tubing for medical device applications and has expertise processing a range of thermoplastic materials. Its product line complements micro-extrusion tubing manufactured by Tekni-Plex’s Natvar business unit, noted the press release. Going forward, it will be known as Dunn Industries, a Tekni-Plex business, with Dunn’s former president Duane Dunn serving as General Manager.

“Tekni-Plex already has a significant stake in the medical device market via its Colorite medical compounds and Natvar medical tubing business,” said Paul J. Young, President and CEO. “We are now looking to grow the number of solutions we provide by expanding our product offering and manufacturing capabilities. With speed-to-market a critical concern in this sector, as well as the desire for additional support from suppliers, this acquisition will help make Tekni-Plex an even stronger partner to medical device companies around the world,” said Young.

Founded in 1987, Dunn manufactures medical tubing with outer diameters as small as 0.008 inches and inner diameters down to 0.004 inches. Products include single and multi-lumen, co-extruded, striped or braided tubing. Applications range from single-lumen catheters used for drainage to complex, multi-lumen applications for coronary angioplasty and drug-delivery devices. The acquisition also will augment non-PVC materials in the Tekni-Plex portfolio, such as polyurethane, PEEK, acetyl, nylon, EVA and TPE.

Tekni-Plex operates manufacturing sites across eight countries. Last year, it invested $15 million in a new state-of-the-art facility in Suzhou, China, devoted to medical manufacturing.

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