Tessy Plastics Gives $2K to All Employees as Layoffs Loom

While Congress haggles over an unprecedented stimulus package, Tessy Plastics has stepped up to help its employees weather the COVID-19 crisis. Syracuse.com reports that the injection molder and contract manufacturer is giving each of its approximately 1,000 employees a $2,000 check. Company President Roland Beck said that each worker will receive the check on Thursday.

Benjamins with a face mask

Beck said that he is shutting down production of all but essential products, which will result in layoffs of about 40%, perhaps more, of the workforce in the coming weeks. All of the workers, including those who still have a job, will receive the check.

“If you are one of the fortunate ones that do not need this money, please help out someone who does need it,” Beck said in a letter to employees, according to Syracuse.com. “I am giving you this money so that you can afford to stay home if you wish and to help with the unknown cost this pandemic will have on you and your family.”

Tessy Plastics, based in Skaneateles, NY, provides injection molding and assembly to medical device OEMs, an essential service as the nation, and indeed the world, battle the pandemic.

Image: Ricardoreitmeyer/Adobe Stock

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