Toshiba to run medical molding cell at MD&M West/PLASTEC West

Toshiba EC110SXIII injection molding machine

Toshiba Machine (Elk Grove Village, IL) will conduct live demos of an automated medical molding cell at booth 3800 during the co-located Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West and PLASTEC West event in Anaheim, CA, on Feb. 5 to 7. At the heart of the cell is the EC110SXIII, a 110-ton all-electric injection molding machine equipped with the new Injectvisor V70, which Toshiba says is its most powerful controller to date.

Toshiba will use a four-cavity mold with collapsible cores from Roehr Tool to produce 28-mm polypropylene caps for medical/packaging applications. Fully integrated with the ECSXIII and controlled by the V70 will be a Sepro S5 part-removal robot, an automated visual inspection/sorting station with two Toshiba Machine robots and a Mold-Masters hot runner system.

“Since the key auxiliary equipment is integrated with the V70, molders have a single point of control, creating easier set-ups and better visibility of the process,” said Toshiba National Sales Manager Chuck Gorman. “The V70 offers new tools for faster mold set-ups, cycle time optimization and part defect analysis, allowing for faster paybacks on machinery investments.”

According to Gorman, the controller was designed with the “smart” factory in mind. Among its features are:

  • A 19-inch high-resolution display with touch/swipe functionality;
  • clamp sequence customization using drag-and-drop icons;
  • on-board PDF library for machine manuals and documentation;
  • capability to connect to an optional iPAQET3 data management system; and
  • OPC-UA architecture supporting Euromap 63 and Euromap 77 communication.

For a preview of other injection molding machines that will be running on the show floor, check out “Injection molding machines rule roost at PLASTEC West/MD&M West.”

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