A totally tubular concept in medical implant packaging

Medical packaging must meet several criteria, depending on the type of device that it holds, but at the most basic level it must be safe and easy to handle. That’s the guiding principle behind  TubeInTube packaging developed by rose plastic medical packaging (Hergensweiler, Germany).

rose plastic medical packaging TubeInTube concept
The packaging design provides a sterile environment for the implant and enables contact-free handling of the device. Image courtesy rose plastic medical packaging.

The “tube within the tube” ensures a sterile environment for the implant and enables contact-free handling of the device, said rose plastic. The double sterile barrier packaging consists of two transparent tubes, one of which is inserted into the other. Each tube is secured by an airtight closure, and the implant is firmly seated within the inner tube.

Labeling, laser engraving, colored tamper-evident closures and other techniques can be used to identify the contents, so that the surgical staff can quickly choose the correct implant for a procedure.

Rose plastic also touts the cost effectiveness of the packaging. Compared with blister packs and other conventional systems, TubeInTube produces less packaging waste, reduces transport volumes, simplifies disposal and minimizes space requirements in clinics.

Especially practical for holding bone screws in various sizes, TubeInTube packaging can be adapted to suit other implants and devices, said rose plastic.

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