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Zeus Puts PTFE Catheter Liners on Diet

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The precision extruder serving the medical device industry introduces what it claims is the thinnest extruded liner available, achieving sizes comparable to film cast tubing but with added strength.

In medical manufacturing, the question often boils down to: “Can you make it any smaller?” That goes for molded and machined parts. A variation on that theme for makers of medical tubing is: “How thin can you extrude it?” Zeus Industrial Products Inc. has a new answer, at least when it comes to PTFE catheter liners: How about a wall thickness down to 0.0004 in. (0.0102 mm) with a tolerance of +/- 0.0002 in. (0.0051 mm)? The company claims it is the thinnest extruded liner available, achieving sizes comparable to film cast tubing but with added strength.

The precision extruder of advanced polymers based in Orangeburg, SC, has expanded its StreamLiner family of thin, extruded PTFE catheter liners using a proprietary process. “The new StreamLiner OTW lineup opens the doors to new possibilities for catheter manufacturers,” said Bob Chaney, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing. “Currently, no other polymer solution provider can supply an extruded PTFE liner with comparable wall thickness, flexibility, and strength.” The technology allows medical device manufacturers to develop safer, smoother and stronger catheters that can navigate deeper into a patient's vasculature, according to Zeus.

In addition to achieving wall thicknesses and flexibility comparable to film cast PTFE liners but with greater strength, the StreamLiner OTW portfolio shortens lead times and accelerates speed to market because of Zeus’s in-house wire drawing capabilities. Production processes are also simplified: Zeus supplies straight, cut-to-length liners that allow shuttling the product from packaging to production, eliminating multiple timely processes, said Zeus.

Specific catheter applications for the StreamLiner OTW family include occlusion balloon catheters, micro catheters, mechanical and aspiration thrombectomy catheters, intermediate catheters, guiding catheters with and without balloons, and support catheters.

Free samples are available upon request.

Image: NicoElNino/Adobe Stock

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