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Milacron will be at NPE2009—definitely

Article-Milacron will be at NPE2009—definitely

In no uncertain terms, and not withstanding its recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, processing machine supplier Milacron (Batavia, OH) says it will be in Chicago at the NPE2009 show. Company CEO Dave Lawrence said, “The trend for some industry suppliers is to pull out of the show, but we feel that being there for our customers, and continuing to support the industry that has been so good to us, is the right decision.”

Not surprisingly, considering the rumors circulating about many companies perhaps withdrawing from NPE2009, and a few others actually doing so, Milacron also has been questioned about its presence.

The company is responding emphatically, however, stating in a press release that it truly believes in the benefits of being an exhibitor. It values NPE as a way of keeping a pulse on the industry, hearing the needs of its customers face-to-face, and sharing ways it can help customers remain more competitive. Lawrence emphasized that last item when PlasticsToday spoke with him shortly after the bankruptcy.

Bob Starr, who is director of global marketing services for Milacron subsidiary D-M-E and leader of Milacron’s NPE committee, termed the SPI (Society of the Plastics Industry) “very helpful” by means of its recently announced NPE Stimulus Package. “We’ve been able to maintain a prominent presence at the show while keeping our costs in line with a smaller footprint,” said Starr.

Milacron says it will be showcasing real solutions for its customers in dealing with today’s tougher economy. In particular, it will focus on its earth-friendly technologies, which aim at energy and scrap reduction, sustainability, and other cost savings. [email protected]

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