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Molding machine designed specifically for LSR

A new all-in-one pneumatically driven molding machine for processing liquid silicone rubber offers an alternative to the cost and material waste associated with typical screw and barrel machines. It is specifically designed for small parts; thus, the machine eliminates wasted material that would occur in screw-type machines. This Model 384 machine features horizontal injection, 6-ton vertical clamping, and a patented injection design that works like a syringe for highly precise metering. The unit doesn?t use a barrel screw but rather pulls the right amount of silicone from a static mixer or batch basis disposable cartridge (available in 6- or 20-oz sizes). The injection head and cartridge are cooled to prevent curing.

At just 68 inches tall, 50 inches wide, and 34 inches deep, this small unit can deliver shot sizes of 3 cu cm or 10 cu cm and handles mold sizes of 4 by 4 inches up to 6 by 6 inches. It is an oil-free, self-contained Class 100 molding system with easy material changeover (less than 30 minutes), cleaning, and setup. It is accompanied by a PLC-based controller with an interface touchscreen. Base prices for 3-cu-cm and 10-cu-cm models are less than $50,000. Custom options are available.

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