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More deals sealed at K for Brampton, Leistritz

Article-More deals sealed at K for Brampton, Leistritz

Finalizing the sale at K, Brampton Engineering Inc. (BE; Brampton, ON) announced the sale of its third BE coextrusion line to Haremar Plastic Manufacturing Ltd. (Vaughan, ON), while compounding extruder supplier Leistritz sold the ZSE 50 MAXX twin-screw extruder on its stand to WMK Plastics GmbH (Wuppertal, Germany).

(Wuppertal, Germany). The BE system sold at K is the third BE coextrusion line sold to Haremar, a manufacturer of polyethylene and barrier film products for the printing and converting. Haremar opened its 139,000-ft2 plant in 2003, running a 3-layer Battenfeld Gloucester co-extrusion line, with a 5-layer BE system commissioned in 2008.

Thorsten Rosenbohm, CEO and owner of WMK Plastics said the new twin-screw compounding line from Leistritz would allow it to boost polyamide production by up to 1000 tonnes/yr. WMK, which is a manufacturer of plastics and special compounds, was drawn to the new ZSE 50 MAXX by its combination of torque and volume, as well as the wide process window. On K's first day, Leistritz sold seven extrusion lines to German compounder and masterbatcher, Grafe Group. The machines, which include ZSE-HP series extruders with screw diameters of 27 to 60 mm, will be delivered in the first half of 2011. The company already installed two ZSE MAXX systems earlier this year, with the new machines to boost production capacity by 30%, with an overall investment of €9.6 million. 

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