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More LFT capacity for Europe

Germany's EPIC Polymers (Kaiserslautern) has further strengthened its position in long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) compounds with a new 4000-tonnes/yr production line to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2012.

This new facility will allow EPIC to meet the growing demand for LFTs that is seen across all industry segments. The focus will be on high-performance plastics including polyamide and polyphthalamide (PPA). As a result of the innovative impregnation technology the product range will encompass grades based on long-glass, long-carbon and long-aramid fiber, as well as tribologically modified grades and electrically and thermally conductive grades.

Fred Panhuizen, director of marketing and technology comments: "The setup of the new production line is unique in this market. Through the newly developed EPIC Technology, we have, in close cooperation with leading machine builders and polymer suppliers, set new standards for the quality and possibilities of LFTs. The classic LFT problems of bad feeding and insufficient impregnation are now a thing of the past."

Jörg Konrad, director of sales, adds: "In many industry segments and in the automotive industry in particular, rising demands on the mechanical performance of plastics increasingly pushes traditional plastics beyond their limits. Our LFTs offer much higher mechanical performance, particularly at high temperatures and in fatigue performance. Especially for safety parts, where the performance of traditionally reinforced thermoplastics is on the limit, we have achieved significant improvements. LFT Compounds will enjoy explosive growth over the coming decade."

These innovative products will be marketed under the trade name Strator, Tribocomp, or Star-Therm, depending on the formulation of the product.

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