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New Asahi resins at NPE aim at performance

Article-New Asahi resins at NPE aim at performance

NPE2009 visitors in the South Hall will find three new and interesting resins in the Asahi Kasei Plastics (Fowlerville, MI) stand (S54037) designed for applications in appliances, auto, construction, electronics, sporting goods, and more. For instance, a newly engineered short-glass-reinforced polypropylene compound is set to be an alternative to LFPP by offering an assortment of performance, cosmetic, and processing advantages.

Asahi Kasei says its new Thermylene P8 engineered polypropylene compound, when compared to long-glass-reinforced PP, offers advantages in specific gravity, ease of molding, molded part appearance, part dimension, knitline strength, and screw torque retention during processing.

In Xyron modified polyphenylene ether, Asahi Kasei took advantage of being a base producer of mPPE compounds in North America to use an updated polymerization process and a special compatibilizing of modifiers to develop a new competitor in the high-temperature arena with improved heat and processing performance. Xyron offers what the company calls outstanding electrical properties, hydrolysis resistance, mechanical properties not affected by temperature and moisture, and flame retardance without the use of halogens. It is available in compounds with PA, PS, PP, and PPS for applications in vehicles, fluid handling, and electronics, among others.

Also premiering at NPE2009 is Leona 90G, a partially aromatic nylon made by inserting a 61 molecule into the PA66 molecular chain to have an easily processable polymer without the dimensional changes and loss of property values of other hydroscopic resins. Asahi sees it as a contender to replace diecast metal and a lower-cost alternative to long-glass engineering resins. Stiffness, good appearance (no surface GF), and weatherability are among Leona 90G’s characteristics. [email protected]

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