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New Dicer Offers Quick-Change, Low Maintenance

Article-New Dicer Offers Quick-Change, Low Maintenance

New Dicer Offers Quick-Change, Low Maintenance

Dicer Corp.'s WebPro 800 Dicer is designed to provide custom compounders and masterbatch producers a quick change, low maintenance dicer. The WebPRO 800 processes from 50 to 800 lb/hr of rigid or flexible material with a durometer as low as 45 Shore A. Typical materials are rigid and flexible PVC, ABS,PU, PP and nylon.

The company says that in actual dicer trials, the WebPRO 800 diced such diverse material as glass-filled polycarbonate sheet, polyester thin sheet, ionomer sheet, PTFE sheet, siding, carpet, nylon impregnated roving, paperboard and aromatic wood sheet.

Priced at $35,400 (without the motor or drive, which are customer specified), the unit is also said to be the first dicer sized and priced to allow injection molders and general extrusion houses to vertically integrate compounding in their operations.

The WebPRO 800 can also be used to dice edge trim and other scrap material, which can then be immediately reintroduced as OctaPellets without additional processing.

Throughput can be over 800 lb/hr based on a specific gravity of 1.4. Advantages of producing a web are that die back-pressure is reduced, thereby increasing extruder throughput by about 10%, and that the web eliminates die freeze off, and strand breakage therefore using less labor.

The core components of the dicer are a single-piece helical cutterhead and matching bedknife, which provide for quick changeover and easy clean up for short runs of diverse materials and frequent color changes. Dicers come with either ac or dc motors and drives that are either within a closed-loop programmable system or free standing.

Dicer Corporation
Newburyport, MA 

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