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New Dicer Is Quiet With Little Vibration

Article-New Dicer Is Quiet With Little Vibration

September, 2001

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New Dicer Is Quiet With Little Vibration

0901/pn-9Josie Manufacturing's new dicer uses a helical, angle-feed shearing action that is said to eliminate 'tails' and incomplete cuts and to produce less vibration and noise than previously available dicers.

According to Nancy Novinc, President, "we haven't gotten a decibel rating on these units yet, but they 'hummm' instead of going 'ka-chunk' like dicers that use a straight cut."

These units are designed for use with continuous compounding operations, internal mixers and extruders to produce cube or octahedron pellets measuring from 1/16 to 1/4 in. Throughputs range up to 7000 lb/hr.

Hold-down pads are said to provide positive control at high input speeds and are effective in handlinglow-durometer materials and irregularweb surfaces. Material can beintroduced through dry chill rolls or from a water bath.

The unit measures 65 x 32 in. and has an overall height of 60 in. Safety features include shrouding, a dynamic braking system and electrically interlocked guards.

Options include cutter air-head cooling system, regenerative and/or dynamic brake for instant braking and reversing and choice of ac or dc drives. A height adjustment kit allows the unit to adapt to existing line heights.

Prices start at around $70,000, which doesn't include the drive and motor. Price also depends on the type of material being processed.

Josie Manufacturing, Inc.
Middleburg Heights, OH Circle 101

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