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New Vortex pins for venting

Article-New Vortex pins for venting

Venting is a critical aspect of manufacturing molds that deliver fast cycles and high-quality parts. DME Company, a provider of mold technologies, recently introduced the new Vortex core pins and plugs. The product is a cost-effective, time-saving method of removing trapped gas from a mold cavity during the molding process.    

Vortex core pins and plugs are made of Porcerax II, a porous, sintered metal. Because the material is 25% air by volume, it vents gas without the need for a separate venting component. As a result, Vortex pins and plugs help reduce mold size, cost and complexity.
Some of the other benefits include cycle time reduction; enhanced part appearance; elimination of burning and shrinkage; fewer flow and knit lines; and elimination of short shots, says DME.
Vortex Pins are three inches long and available in diameters of 0.25, 0.375, and 0.5 inch. Plugs come in 0.25-, 0.5-, and 1-inch lengths, and in diameters of 0.25 and 0.375 inch. The full line is heat treated to 30-40 HRC for a tensile strength of 74,000 PSI and hardness of HMV 350-400.
“The ultimate benefit customers get from using Vortex pins and plugs is better part cosmetics that save time and money on wasted or burned materials,” says John Harding, manager of global sourcing.  “These new products also represent DME’s dedication to standardization that streamlines design, provides easy maintenance and lowers overall tooling costs.”

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