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Next-generation all-electrics

Equipped with such productivity-boosting solutions as brand-new V-shaped toggle clamping units, high-speed injection capabilities, worry-free touch-screen controls, and an abundance of environmentally friendly features, the brand-new Toyo Si-IV series of servomolding machines is now available from Maruka USA Inc. (Rockaway, NJ).

Available in models ranging from 55-750 tons and capable of achieving injection speeds up to 500 mm/sec (19.69 in/sec) at 20 ms acceleration/deceleration and at 2.55G acceleration speeds, the new Si-IV Series machines are said to carry no price penalties for any of their new features.

Jointly developed with Japan’s Kyoto University, the Si-IV’s 55- to 610-tonners have V-shaped toggle clamps with toggle links steeply angled at 7.5° to direct clamping force right where it’s needed—at the mold’s center—for uniform clamping pressure distribution. And, since the V-shaped design requires shorter link length and screw strokes, mold opening and closing times can be reduced.

Also, for 55- to 150-tonners, tiebar spacing has been increased to let you mount molds for which you’d think you’d need a bigger press. And slimmer-but-stronger die plates for the Si-IVs further ensure clamping pressure uniformity, even with your bigger tools.

Injection units come in two types for the new Toyos—fast and faster. The company’s D150BU shooter can hit 300 mm/sec (11.8 in/sec) in 18 ms. The CH300BU is a 500-mm/sec unit engineered to accelerate and decelerate at 20 ms.

Low-friction linear guides on some units help cut backpressure variations to half those of more conventional shooters. The bearing cases for these units are placed on linear guides. This reportedly improves screw and barrel alignment, while also improving plasticating and metering ­stability.

The company’s double nozzle touch mechanism eliminates any chance of the stationary platen inclining and minimizes tiebar motion when the mold opens and closes.

Toyo’s new touch-screen PLCS-12 control is standard on its new Si-IV machines. It’s equipped with fast and reliable firmware to let you easily control fast and shock-free acceleration and deceleration with staged mold movements.

Any screen you want to see can be quickly accessed right from the main menu, or from any other screen—five screens can be stored in its internal memory and are easily accessible. Ergonomically speaking, the control can be tilted up by about 10° and turned ­horizontally almost 90°. And the PLCS-12 speaks eight ­languages.

Its injection units come with the company’s SRC-II metering system, which is engineered to ensure uniform melt density as standard. Its SRC-III metering system, which locks up the check ring after metering to prevent any backflow, is optional.

Si-IVs are as environmentally friendly as they are user-friendly. All of its control boards are lead-free, for instance. A new sealed belt-drive unit reduces noise by 8.1 dB. Toyo’s developed its own lubricant, which reportedly reduces grease consumption by 90%. Oh, and power ­consumption? Didn’t we mention that the Si-IVs are all-­electric?

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