Plastics processors make their case before Supreme Court

May 12, 2011

A lawyer for two plastics processors in Rhode Island argued before that state's Supreme Court as they continued their fight against an offshore wind farm that the processors say will drive up their (and other manufacturers') energy costs.

We reported on the battle last summer in our article Processors join forces to tilt at offshore wind energy project, and noted in that article that both of the companies have plenty of "green cred", so this isn't simply a greenies vs. manufacturers fight. Flexible plastics packaging processor Toray Plastics (America) Inc. (North Kingstown, RI) has its own sustainable manufacturing program and is investing in solar panels to power its plant, and Polytop (Slatersville, RI) is a closure molder whose sustainability initiatives include greater use of post-consumer recyclate, a company-wide recycling program, and investment in both energy-saving new cooling technology for its processing machinery and in all-electric molding machinery.

In their joint appeal, the companies have argued that permission for the wind farm was given without evidence the contract for its energy met the "commercially reasonable" test required by Rhode Island law.


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