Pentagon Plastics Group brings laser welding technology in house

December 19, 2017

Pentagon Plastics's laser welderThe Pentagon Plastics Group, an injection molding specialist based in Horsham, UK, recently announced an investment in a £130,000 state-of-the-art laser welder.

The group, comprising Pentagon Plastics Ltd. and Phoenix Engineering Ltd., installed the new addition to its extensive set of plant machinery in the Phoenix Engineering factory. The TLM Laser purchase included the ALT 500 Laser Welder, a tiltable turntable, magnetic clamping, and integrated extraction and laser wire feed system.

The bulk of the purchase was self-funded by the team at Phoenix Engineering and will enable internal and sub-contract work.

Laser welding had been a major subcontracting expense across the group. The new machine will allow it to reduce lead times for tooling work and offer an improved workflow for new and existing clients.

Paul Edwards, Managing Director of the Pentagon Plastics Group, recognized this investment as a major step forward for Phoenix Engineering. "The laser welder will enable us to increase turnover, improve process efficiency and generate more profit to reinvest in our services, which is positive news for our customers and will help us support local businesses.”

Tooling Manager John Horspool added, “At Phoenix, the majority of tooling demand is for caps and closures, ranging from four to 64 [cavities]; expediting servicing and repair are key to keeping the tool downtime to a minimum.

“Many of the elements require laser welding to reinstate shutoffs, et cetera. Therefore, the weld needs to be very exact and repeatable, driving the business need for a high-spec machine with a rotary axis, self-feed wire and programmable movement in all axes,” said Horspool.

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