Hasco adds heating cartridge calculator to popular app

Hasco molding appMoldmaker Hasco (Lüdenscheid, Germany) has added an innovative tool—a heating cartridge calculator—to its highly popular mobile phone app that simplifies mold construction. The feature enables fast and simple calculation of the required power to heat mold plates or other applications. By entering individual parameters, the required heating power for different materials can be calculated quickly and easily according to the required heat-up time. The tool is geared specifically to the Z110  and Z111 heating cartridges.

The tried and tested functions and tools of the Hasco app include material selection, hardness value conversion, DIN/ISO tolerances for shafts and holes, the layout and sizing of locking cylinders, and thread pitch. With the cutting data calculator, milling data such as feed, rotational speed and cutting volume can be individually determined.

In addition to these practical tools, the app allows users to check the latest news, videos, job vacancies and general Hasco information at any time.

The real beauty of the app is that all tool functions can be used without an Internet connection.

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