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NPE 2015 wants to see your high-end recycled products

Article-NPE 2015 wants to see your high-end recycled products

Plastics manufacturers that turn recyclable materials into viable consumer products are invited to submit applications to display their goods at NPE 2015, scheduled March, 23-27, 2015, in Orlando, FL. SPI will accept product nominations until Aug. 1, 2014.

"Since recycling will be a major theme at NPE2015, SPI officials agree that it's appropriate to promote the plastics manufacturing industry's commitment to innovation and sustainability associated with reusing its materials," said Kim Holmes, SPI's director of recycling and diversion. "The display of high-end recycled products will serve to educate attendees and the media on the potential of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics."

Featured products will cross a variety of categories including:

-          Packaging

-          Automotive and transportation

-          Building and construction

-          Personal care products

-          Small and large appliances

-          Recreation

-          Toys

-          Consumer electronics

-          Landscaping and agriculture

-          Clothing and apparel

Products accepted for display will be limited to those commercialized or in development since 2013. All submissions must contain at least 10% PCR, or demonstrate first use of PCR.

Submissions should include a sample of the item, disclosure of the percentage of recycle content by weight, and disclosure of the total weight of the recycled material (e.g., in grams or pounds), source of the PCR (i.e., bottles, electronics, mixed rigids, etc.).

To be considered, companies should provide the following information:

-          Product name and description

-          Year the product was developed or marketed

-          Percent recycled content

-          If you can provide the item for display at NPE or if you'll just be providing a photo

-          Contact information for the person to follow up with upon conclusion of the product nomination process.

Submit product nominations to Kim Holmes, [email protected].

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