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Nylon 6 resin offers extra flow, impact

Article-Nylon 6 resin offers extra flow, impact

Capron XFI nylon 6 resins are a new family of resins for large part and thin-wall applications that require extra flow and impact strength. The easy-flow characteristics of the resins improve cost effectiveness by speeding cycle times, improving processibility, and reducing the need for high processing pressures and temperatures or specialized tooling and molding equipment.

Capron XFI can easily fill large cavity molds without high injection pressures or excessive molded-in stresses. Also, its low viscosity allows easy flow into a wide range of thin-wall parts. The resins also provide extra impact strength, particularly at knit lines. According to the manufacturer, Capron XFI performed significantly better in impact than PC/ABS. Tests also showed it retains a greater portion of its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and performs better over time when compared to PC/ABS.

Additional features include good dimensional stability, superior resistance to chemicals, and a rich surface appearance. For added design options, it can easily bond to Advanced Elastomer Systems? Santoprene rubber to create tool grips, buttons, and other parts to produce a comfortable, soft touch. Pricing information was not provided, but AlliedSignal says Capron XFI has a good cost/performance ratio. When compared to many amorphous materials, Capron XFI reportedly costs less per cubic inch of molded finished product.

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